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Heart 1-Pound Gift Box

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A traditional favorite - a splendid mix of our amazing chocolates in a beautiful heart shaped box with a velvet lid. Sugar free chocolate candies are also available.

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Product Description


This Valentine's Day heart shaped gift box and red velvet lid is filled with a delicious assortment of Pecan Puppets®, caramels, creams, nuts, Silks™, French Creams™ and a few other of our specialty chocolates arranged in a beautiful presentation. Or, if you prefer, the heart box can be filled with just nuts or soft centers or Pecan Puppets® or all Mint Silks™.

This delightful Valentine's Day gift is available in a standard mix, which includes two-thirds milk chocolates and one-third dark chocolates. It can also be ordered with all milk or all dark chocolates. Sugar free choices are also available for an additional 20%.

Approximately 25 pieces of candy per pound in the assorted, nuts and soft center options; approximately 16 pieces per pound in the Pecan Puppets® option; and approximately 40 pieces per pound in the Mint Silk™ option.


Additional Info

DetailsOur natural milk chocolate contains 34% cocoa butter and the dark chocolate is made with 53% cocoa butter. The white chocolate is creamy and the perfect sweetness.

For the chocolate lover who does not want sugar, our sugar free chocolate will surprise you! Maltitol is the sweetener used. It is a by-product of corn. This is not a low calorie or low fat product.


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