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For a monthly fee of $36.95 - $39.95 (shipping included), you, or someone special to you, will receive a tasty gift of gourmet chocolates and other candies as a member of our Flavor Adventure Club. It’s a unique gift and an exciting adventure for all who receives it, and it keeps on giving.

See our Monthly Flavor Adventure Collection and know exactly what exceptional goodies will arrive each month. Choose which months you prefer!



1.) Choose your plan: 3, 6 or 12 months.
2.) Choose your preferred chocolate flavor (milk, dark and white chocolate).
3.) Get only the baskets you want!
Customize your selections to receive certain Monthly Flavor Collections. Otherwise, three consecutive months will be delivered.
4.) Customize the shipping. This is a unique offering for club members! If you would like to send certain months to different recipients, please let us now under the product’s Special Request field and we will contact you for more details.
5.) Add a gift message.
6.) Come back and order more of your favorites.


Since 1920 we have been making gourmet candies with natural chocolate, pure butter, fresh ingredients and a lot of fun. Our premium chocolate contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or trans-fats. Chocolates and candies made the old fashioned way - in small handmade batches. Enjoy unique recipes made with rich milk chocolate containing 34% cocoa butter, the best dark chocolate made with 53% cocoa butter, and creamy white chocolate.

See our Monthly Flavor Adventure Collection to view the wide variety of sweet treats arriving monthly. Some of our specialty candies that will give your taste buds a flavor adventure are described below.

  • Fresh and preservative free, our peanut butter recipe includes grinding fresh peanuts until creamy and then adding 100% pure natural white chocolate for added texture and flavor.

  • Our caramel and marshmallow are also made from scratch. The caramel is creamy and flavorful. The marshmallow will amaze you!

  • Our gourmet handcrafted truffles will no doubt become a favorite! We make our creamy truffle centers and are constantly introducing new flavors.

  • The Silks™ candies are unique to our store. The velvety chocolate enhanced with dark cherry, raspberry or mint will melt in your mouth.

  • In the 1920's, Grandpa Morkes accidentally created Chocolate French Creams™ (while attempting to make fudge) and it became an instant hit. Pure, all natural milk, dark or white chocolate is combined with milk and butter and blended until very creamy. After the center cools it's completely draped in chocolate for a wonderful meltaway treat.

  • Our toffees, handcrafted from traditional family recipes, are made with 100% butter (no oils!), fresh nuts and all natural chocolate. Our brittle, also, is made with pure butter and an abundance of peanuts for a great, quality taste.

  • Our chocolate fudge is homemade, creamy, chocolaty and 100% delicious with no preservatives added. Sure to satisfy all chocolate lovers.

  • The almond barque is made with our all natural chocolate poured thin and filled with fresh roasted almond pieces. A delicious sweet and crunchy treat with almonds in every bite. The peppermint barque is a seasonal favorite. Red and green peppermint chips are covered with our delicious white chocolate. A thin layer of our rich dark chocolate is added to balance the sweetness.

  • Sponge Candy is an old fashioned candy that's not made very often any more. It is a light and very sweet confectionery with a crisp crunch at first bite. Then, the candy melts in your mouth. We make it from scratch using sugar and molasses. For our travelers out there, sponge candy is very similar to the Crunchie®, a famous New Zealand candy bar. A heavenly treat!

  • Included in every monthly club offering will be a different bulk Chocolate From Around the World. Since Morkes Chocolates has been in the business of making chocolates and other popular goodies for over 95 years, we have had the experience of tasting quite a few bean to chocolate varieties. While we do not make our chocolates from the bean, we have selected a certain blend that we think is the best for our finished products. However there are many unusual tastes available from around the world, and we thought how fun it would be to let our customers experience the same tastings we enjoy as professional chocolatiers. Each month we will import some unique bean to chocolate varieties for you. You can travel the world of chocolate without getting on a plane!

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