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All Natural Chocolate Buttons

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Craving chocolate and only chocolate? Then we have the perfect solution - professional grade cocoa butter-based chocolate with 34% - 70% cocoa. The chocolate buttons are delicious - fill up bowls and serve!

Want to mold or hand dip with this chocolate? You will need to conquer the art of tempering first. Want to use for fondues or fountains? You will need to thin the chocolate. For instructions on how to temper or think download Types of Chocolate Brochure.

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Product Description


Choose between 34% cocoa milk chocolate, 53% cocoa dark chocolate or our 70% cocoa dark chocolate (25% additional) - if you can! This all natural chocolate will give you the best tasting product and Is what we use for most of our finished chocolates. You will need to conquer the art of tempering if you want to mold or hand dip your centers with this chocolate. However, if you want to put bowls of chocolate out for eating, you will want this cocoa butter-based chocolate. Another use for this chocolate is for fountains or fondues. No tempering required but the chocolate needs to be thinned. If you want something requiring less work try our Fountain or Fondue Chocolate.

For more detailed information on tempering chocolate, thinning chocolate and other chocolate handling facts download Types of Chocolate Brochure.


Additional Info

DetailsPerfect for eating as is, melting for fondues and fountains (with thinning), and molding (with tempering). The tempering process is necessary to stabilize the cocoa butter molecules within the chocolate. Properly tempered chocolate will produce chocolates that have a high gloss and a good snap (the chocolate Is crisp and snaps when broken). Improperly tempered chocolate will produce chocolates that have a white/grey color or white streaks, a dull appearance and a soft, flexible consistency.

You can use this chocolate for fondue and fountains without tempering. For fondues, this chocolate will provide a thicker coating than the Fondue Chocolate. For fountains, this chocolate must be thinned with additional cocoa butter, vegetable or paramount flakes.


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