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Candy Making

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Caramel Apple & Candy Making Kit

Try our new caramel apple and candy making kit.

Home Candy Making Chocolate

Our candy making chocolate is delicious and easy to use - simply melt and you are ready to dip or mold.

Sugar Free Chocolate

Whether you want to dip your own strawberries or just eat this sugar free chocolate, you will be happy.

Fountain or Fondue Chocolate

This 100% all natural chocolate, with added cocoa butter- not oils - for a thinner consistency.

Bulk Caramel

Great for making your own caramel apples, dipped pretzels or other popular candies.

All Natural Chocolate

Craving chocolate and only chocolate? Then we have the perfect solution.

Stand-Up Caramel

Our stand up caramel is ready for cutting, dipping, wrapping around pretzels or making into fun shapes before dipping in chocolate.